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 Hello Veteran/Servicemember, Thank You For Your Service & We Appreciate You!

As a military borrower, you'll want to learn all about the benefits you may be entitled to. There are many unique benefits and quirks. To find out what you don't know about VA loans and to learn how you can save thousands of dollars immediately, get connected, schedule a FREE consultation here: 

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Below are a few key points to be aware of:


1. -0- down does not mean you don't still need CASH on hand.

2. You'll receive an estimate of what cost will be incurred.

3. Lenders will run your credit, most times the fee is charged back to you if you're approved and some lenders will charge an upfront fee.

4. You'll need EARNEST MONEY. What is that? Basically, you'll be able to place a hold on the property you've just decided to purchase. This shows that you're really interested and are willing to take a risk by being EARNEST. This shows the seller that you are a serious buyer. This amount can vary, however, it's typically 1% of the homes asking price. The earnest money will go towards your home purchase (closing cost, down payment, etc..)

5. Appraisals are VA required, charged to the buyer.

6. Buyers have the option of getting a home inspection. Why get one? This provides an opportunity to discover any possible issues with the property chosen. You'll have a chance to pinpoint repairs and request the seller to fix before you purchase the home. The cost of the inspection can vary based on the square footage of the home.

6. Transfer Fees will occur any time a property is transferred (title) from one owner to another.

7. If the property you're seeking to purchase is located in a community that has an HOA (Homeowners Association) you'll also be responsible for that fee. It's normally accessed annually, 

8. Loan Origination Fees, Yep! The VA does allow lenders to charge a fee for originating the loan. This is can go up to 1% of the loan amount. 

9. Title Insurance is protection for both the borrower and the lender from issues on title involving the previous owners. Cost can vary as well.  

Now you've learned about costs servicemembers should be mindful of. For more detailed information, please email us at