Feelings After You've Bought Your Home

Real Estate

Have you given any thought to how you'll feel after you purchase your home? How will your quality of  life be? 

Let's go into detail. What's your first thought when you move in a home? For most women it will be about decoration, amenities and more or less the material aspects of owning a home. For most men it may simply be about just buying a home or finally owning something or getting away from renting. The reality is that most people don't give much thought to the quality of life they'll have after making such a huge move. Now, you might say, "what do you mean? I mean, let's face it, how many of you really think about it? Your making a decision about a home that you're likely to live in for at least the next 7 to 10 years. 

Here's some things to take in consideration:

Let's use the kitchen as an example, (the kitchen in the home you're thinking about buying or already own). If you've already purchased your home, you know can make a more objective and factual statement about how you really feel. So in the kitchen, how's you're early morning view? Do even have one or are you facing your neighbor's fence? Have you thought in the back of your mind, "I wish I had a view of the park, street, pond, or lake. Do you think the view would affect how you feel throughout the day (your mood)? Studies have shown that it does....

Let's talk about the amenities of you neighborhood. If your home is within walking distance of a park, your child's school, maybe even shopping. That's a cool incentive to get out and enjoy nature. Ride a bike or even walk. There are some health benefits to having those type of conveniences. 

Let's talk about commuting.

Studies have shown that people who have longer commutes tend to experience more chronic pain, higher cholesterol and are at a greater risk of obesity.You say "like what"? Well, let's see if you drive 2 hours or even 45 minutes to an hour to work, you may begin to experience, neck or back problems over time, not to mention the stress or anxiety from the the drive and maybe the high traffic. That's quite a bit to deal with after a long and stressful workday. Oh' and let's not forget factor in the time you have to wake up to get to work.

Let's think about how a day in your house will be.

Wake up two hours before having to be at work, Think about how you'll feel after you get to work, worked all day, and now must drive back home to your wife, significant other and perhaps even kids. Do you have a dog? Oh boy, somebody has to walk'em in the am and the pm..geez I'm not sure what kind of mood I'd be in after all of that. How will your relationship thrive. 


Take more time to consider all things when shopping for your next home. Not just the material or physical aspects of you home. Look at the entire picture, When you consider everything, the brick or countertops might seem pretty superficial. Consider the conveniences, commute, amenities, location, health, view, neighborhood, and the condition of your overall relationships. They're all at stake!