Are You Really Ready To Buy Your Next Or First Home?

Prepare yourself MENTALLY. You're planning to go from renting to a status of homeowner. It will come with lots of responsibilities, SHEmotions, HEmotions and FAMILYmotions.

Prepare yourself PHYSICALLY: You realtor if you COMMUNICATE well with him or her, will select the best homes for your viewing based on what you've discussed. Please be prepared to look at multiple properties which will mean decisions, decisions and decisions.

Prepare yourself FINANCIALLY: Have you done your homework? Do you know where you want to live? Community? ect..Have you done the first step? GET PRE APPROVED! The lender will let you know what your buying power is. This will save you and your REALTOR time. You will not look at homes that fall outside of the given perimeters set forth by you (what you are willing to spend) or what the lender says you can afford.

Let's talk DOWN PAYMENT: Ready also includes you're having a minimum of 3% of your purchase price AVAILABLE when you say you're ready. This could go all the way up to 20% depending on your method of financing. Your lender will explain those options.

Prepare yourself to work with ME: If you tell me, your REALTOR you're ready. I'm ready. I work fast and eficiently, Maybe even faster than you may expect, This means you must be ready MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, & FINANCIALLY.
Once I'm totally aware of all factors (wants, needs, must haves, location, price, pre approval and what incentives motivate you. I'm off to find what you're looking for and will negotiate on your behalf.

~I work with clients who only want to work with me exclusively! I do not show property to anyone who is already working with a realtor. Let YOUR realtor do his or her job. If you must do everything yourself, find property that you're interested in, search other avenues, other sites or make inquiries...You've hired the wrong person.

~Let's talk COMUNICATION: What does this mean. If you're ready,
MENTALLY< PHYSICALLY< FINANCIALLY, when you're Realtor calls, TEXT or emails you. please RESPOND! She or he is working hard on your behalf. Do not give the appearance of avoidance. Say something...Communicate!! The message to be delivered could very well save you thousands of dollars or if there is an emergency, just TEXT "I can't talk right now, there's been an emergency, but we're okay) let's connect in a day or so, or we've changed our mind. That's okay too, as this happens. Until you've communicated, your realtor is still working on your behalf.

I'm just saying....Honesty is always the best policy and a realtor is always your best source of information.

So I ask the question again, ARE YOUR REALLY READY?